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Second by Second

Life is a journey, and time is the road we travel. We are born with a limited amount of time, and the finitude of life is a funda­mental aspect of the human exper­ience. While the length of a person's lifespan can vary greatly, the one con­stant is that it is ultimately finite. This fact is both sobering and moti­vating, and the finite nature of life shapes the way we think about our time on Earth.

Historically, average life expectancy has been relatively low, around 30 years. However, humans are now born with an average life expectancy of around 73 years. This increase in life­span is a testament to the progress we have made as a species, and it allows us to exper­ience a greater range of oppor­tunities and challenges during our time on Earth.

This library is an illustration of the human lifespan expressed in one book per day – 26,700 books or 2,3 billion seconds. It represents the vast amount of knowledge, experiences, and stories that we encounter during our lifetime. Regardless of how we spend our time, the finitude of life is a powerful force that shapes our choices and our per­spective on the world.